10 Health Problems You Think You Have

What symptoms are you worried about?

Health Problems

Something’s off with your body— but you’re not sure quite what. Your likely first stop: The Internet.

We would encourage you to see your doctor if you suspect something is amiss with your health— after all, research shows that online symptom checkers are often wrong.

But despite some doctors warning against doing so, the fact of the matter is that we dotend to head to search engines at the first sign of a malady. We rounded up the top searched symptoms to find out the conditions we’re most curious about. Continue reading

Drinking Beer In Moderation Lowers Women’s Risk Of Heart Attack


As more and more research comes out in support of moderate beer consumption, we can only hope that people have a firm understanding of the word “moderation.” A recent study conducted by researchers from the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg has found that women who drink beer in moderation are at a 30 percent lower risk for a heart attack compared to women who drink beer heavily and women who don’t drink beer at all. Continue reading

Avoidable risk factors take an increasing toll on health worldwide


A wide range of avoidable risk factors to health – ranging from air pollution to poor diets to unsafe water – account for a growing number of deaths and a significant amount of disease burden, according to a new analysis of 79 risks in 188 countries. Continue reading

Stop Bullying

stop bullying speak out

Bullied kid, writes song about his own experience

Leondre and Charlie (Bars & Melody)’s very inspiring song from a real life experience. This performance was so Amazing Simon Cowell hits the golden buzzer! These 2 spectacular kids inspire all the people that get bullied and to never to give up. Continue reading

Childhood bullying can cause problems decades later


Years after the psychological sting of frequent bullying, researchers say the effects can extend to lower levels of education, physical and cognitive health problems, and poor social functioning. Continue reading

Vatican Official Condemns Brittany Maynard’s Assisted Suicide

Brittany Maynard

The Vatican has condemned cancer patient Brittany Maynard’s decision to end her life, describing assisted suicide as an “absurdity”.

Ms Maynard, a vocal campaigner for the death with dignity movement, had been diagnosed with an aggressive malignant brain tumour on New Year’s Day and given six months to live.

The 29-year-old died in Oregon on Saturday after taking a life-ending drug legally prescribed by her doctor. Continue reading

Αιμορραγικός πυρετός από ιό Ebola


Το Φεβρουάριο 2014 ανακοινώθηκε επιδημία ιογενούς αιμορραγικού πυρετού από ιό Ebola στη Γουινέα της Δυτικής Αφρικής. Μέχρι τις 19 Οκτώβρη είχαν αναφερθεί  9.936 επιβεβαιωμένα κρούσματα συμπεριλαμβανομένων 4.877 θανάτων, στην ευρύτερη αυτή περιοχή της Αφρικανικής Ηπείρου. Continue reading


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