Man gets the world’s first artificial heart – Πρώτη φορά εμφυτεύτηκε βιοπροσθετική αυτόνομη καρδιά


  • Male patient is responding well following the ground-breaking operation at the Georges Pompidou Hospital in Paris
  • Biomedical firm Carmat said they are ‘delighted’ with the first implant but added it is still very early stages
  • Device, which is powered by an external battery, is three times the weight of a real organ and mimics the heart muscle contractions

An artificial heart has been transplanted into a patient for the first time in medical history, it was announced today.

French medics said that a male patient was awake and responding well following Wednesday’s ground-breaking operation at the Georges Pompidou Hospital in Paris.

Marcello Conviti, head of the Carmat biomedical firm, said: ‘We are delighted with this first implant, although it is premature to draw conclusions given that a single implant has been performed and that we are in the early postoperative phase.’

Mr Conviti said the artificial heart, which is three times the weight of a real one, would beat for at least five years.

Heart-assistance devices have frequently been used for patients waiting for transplants, but the new bioprosthetic device will replace the real heart

It will help thousands of people who are die each year while waiting for a donor, including many in Britain.

Surgeon Alain Carpentier said: ‘It’s about giving patients a normal social life with the least dependence on medication as possible.

‘We’ve already seen these types of device of this type but they had a relatively low autonomy. This heart will allow for more movement and less clotting. The study that is starting is being very closely watched in the medical field.’

‘This news brings great pride to France,’ said the Marisol Touraine, French health minister .’It shows we are pioneers in healthcare, that we can invent, that we can carry an innovation that will also bring great hope to plenty of people.’

In 2005 surgeons in France performed the first face transplant, and they are always trying to push back research frontiers.

Developed by a team of engineers from Airbus parent company EADS, the artificial heart weighs 2 lb – almost three times as much as an average healthy human heart.

It is expected to cost around £150,000 if it is made widely available.

The device mimics heart muscle contractions and contains sensors that adapt the blood flow to the patient’s moves.

The artificial heart is powered by external, wearable lithium-ion batteries. Inside the heart, surfaces that come into contact with human blood are made partly from bovine tissue instead of synthetic materials such as plastic that can cause blood clots.

Heart failure affects more men than women, and the size of the artificial heart means it can fit in 86 percent of men but only around 20 percent of women.

But Carmat says it can manufacture a smaller version to fit the smaller bodies of women as well as patients in India and China.

Σε μια πρωτοποριακή επέμβαση προχώρησε μια ομάδα γιατρών στο νοσοκομείο Ζορζ Πομπιντού του Παρισιού που εμφύτευσε, για πρώτη φορά παγκοσμίως, μια αυτόνομη, βιοπροσθετική τεχνητή καρδιά, κατασκευασμένη από τη γαλλική εταιρία Carmat, σε έναν ασθενή που έπασχε από καρδιακή ανεπάρκεια τελικού σταδίου.

“Η εμφύτευση εκτυλίχθηκε με ικανοποιητικό τρόπο. Ο ασθενής είναι υπό ιατρική παρακολούθηση, είναι ξύπνιος και συνομιλεί με τους συγγενείς του”, ανακοίνωσε η εταιρία


Στα τέλη Σεπτεμβρίου οι γαλλικές αρχές είχαν δώσει την έγκρισή τους για την επέμβαση αυτή, δίνοντας νέα ελπίδα και προοπτική στους καρδιοπαθείς που είναι καταδικασμένοι λόγω της έλλειψης κατάλληλων μοσχευμάτων.

“Μας χαροποιεί αυτή η πρώτη εμφύτευση, όμως προφανώς θα ήταν πρόωρο να εξάγουμε συμπεράσματα αφού πρόκειται για μία και μοναδική εμφύτευση και ακόμη το χρονικό διάστημα που έχει περάσει από την επέμβαση είναι πολύ μικρό”, σχολίασε ο γενικός διευθυντής της Carmat Μαρτσέλο Κονβίτι.



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