Self-Love Is All That You Need Today


All you need is self-love; this decade started with such a hectic situation and conditions, a pandemic broke out and took everything from us, sitting and staring at your idiot box or smartphone won’t help you, its high time we maintain our self-confidence, we just can’t let anyone break it, or any situation makes us surrender our self-love and self-confidence.

Self-love needs to be talked about in today’s time because sometimes we surrender our self-confidence to others. We forget what we deserve and what we don’t.   

This is very much True that self-love is a psychological phenomenon and it has its roots deep in our childhood and past experiences, that’s what shape our personality

Self-love is not to become a narcissist or self-realized.  Not at all, not in any situation….

It is to be skilled, intelligent, and intuition, to know your limitations, your rights, also about the rights of others.

Imagine that your self-love is a delicate crystal. The more you polish it, the more beautiful it will be and the more inspiring you will be.


However, with this precious treasure,  you should be careful about two things: do not hand it over to others, and do not let it shattered by others.

Today we will inspire you with three sentences and polish your self-confidence with 7 points on which you don’t need to give any clarification.

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“To give myself permissions for what I am entitled to, is not self-aggrandizement; It’s to protect my self-love”


It may seem absurd to say, “You have to love yourself”, otherwise no one else will respect you. However, when you really take steps and start taking care of yourself a little bit more, something happens! people will start saying to you that you have changed or you have become a little selfish. 

Self Improvement Is The Only Way Indeed

First of all, you must understand that there is a huge gap between self-love and selfishness,  and a mature and balanced person should never decide it. 

Appreciating own self is something that is often neglected in today time.

“No, I don’t think I’ll be able to join you on this trip or I’ll be going with you, because I need to be a little alone this afternoon, I need to take a walk and think a little bit more about something,” some people may find it strange, or abusive. However, allowing yourself to do what you need is never selfish.

In fact, anyone who looks at it that way is not a good friend. The best friends and close family members are those who are able to understand and respect your decisions as well as empathize with you.

“I need to set limits to protect my dignity, my identity, and my precious identity

A person who goes through life without creating a protective wall between himself and those who can harm him gives anything on life and destiny, whether good or bad.

At that time… What if you become an electioneer or if you decide to be sensible and just accept the good?

It would not be selfish to do so. It is a really good step towards good mental and emotional health and will directly affect your physical balance.

Don’t hesitate to put up walls and fences against people who come to you with the intention of misbehaviour and manipulation or to bring you down.

It can be very easy to improve your quality of life if you start setting limits.

Take an example of aloe vera, it absorbs nutrition around it and gives us precious gel that can be utilized in many things. It doesn’t get affected by external forces.


“My self-love is precious and there is no relaxation to anyone”

Self-love is more than self-defence and knowing where the border between me and you (limit between Self-love and dignity) is all you need.

Self-love is your dignity, it is the invisible and unique identity that makes you what you are and how you see yourself or how you want everyone to see you. It is the strength within you that makes you face difficult things, achieve your dreams, and make a reality you deserve.

Now coming to another part of this post, that for self-love, you don’t need to give justifications to others. Here are 7 Things for which You Don’t Need to clarify others.

7 Things for which You Don’t Need to clarify to others

Most of your decisions will always be questioned and examined.  Despite this irritating fact, you need not be more concerned about this cross-examination or criticism. After all, not every person who criticizes you needs your clarification, and you really don’t have to clarify yourself to others.

In the true sense, no one can evaluate someone else’s actions. This is what is called freedom, freedom of speech, freedom to live I mean it can be anything.

However, sometimes we think they can or we permit others to criticize us. When family members or friends ask for such clarifications, we feel accountable for it we feel that they must be true. Even then, we are not obliged to present our explanation to any of these people.

Unless you cross a border (Means dignity of others), harm anyone with your actions, or pose a threat to someone else, you are nowhere accountable for describing your actions, nor do you need to present your explanation to anyone.

You don’t have to give any explanation for your appearance

These include whether you are a little thin or healthy. For example, If you are a player, you will play games or eat too little or too much compared to your weight, and in accordance with the game you are playing, then you don’t have to offer any explanation about these physical aspects. Forget such criticisms or cross-examination.

If You like to wear something, then wear it, no one in this world can say anything to you, they don’t deserve any explanation unless they can prove they are right.

What is important is whether you feel good and comfortable about your body or not.  If you are comfortable about it then no one can judge you because it is your body, and they are no one to judge about it.


How do you nurture yourself

If you decide to be vegetarian or a vegan, not eat sweets or anything else… So no one can decide about you or ask for clarification for your right diet.

It is your personal decision. You can decide to eat your desired food the way you want for any reason don’t give justification to others, if you like to eat something then it, you are just giving a self-love session to your body.

Your sexuality, if you are an adult

It is your decision how, when and with whom you want to live and build relationships with them.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you decide whether you have to be alone, get married or not, have children or not. This is about the decisions that you take within yourself. Nobody has the right to question them, to interfere between them.

If they see that you are suffering or unhappy, they can give you advice. But they have no right to judge or criticize you based on their different views.

You are not forced to give an explanation to anyone about your opinions or priorities about marriage and children.

Your career or work Sector

Even in this area of life,  you don’t have to give details of your decision to make a living. This includes which subjects to choose in school, or remains in specific employment even though you are older. 

You may have disappointed your family members or friends with your personal choice of life, and it may have been a very difficult decision. It may have been a wrong decision in the eyes of many people.  

Even in these circumstances, that decision must come from within, not from others.


Your religious beliefs or faith

No matter what your faith may be, you are not accountable to anyone for explaining your religious beliefs and ideals. On the contrary, it is your own decision not to be agnostic or atheist or to follow an organized religion in particular.

They should accept your way of seeing the world and not raise doubts or questions about it. If they do, it’s not your problem.

Your perception of relationships

You may agree or disagree with the idea of living with someone and decide to be alone. You can be a firm follower of the marriage institution or disagree with it…

We all have different perceptions of the world and ways of living. How can we decide which is right and what is wrong?

What is right and what is wrong can be the criterion for deciding? What a person chooses or feels at his discretion is their way. He is responsible for the good and the bad, the happiness and the sorrow sown in him. While no one else is responsible for your decision, you are not responsible for any clarification to anyone; remember to have self-love in every situation.

If you would prefer to spend time alone

If you are happy to be alone, you don’t have to offer anyone any clarification to explain why you are alone. This does not mean that you are anti-social,  selfish, or different from the world.

You can live with yourself alone with spontaneous pleasure. Whether you like your personal space, like listening to music or reading a book, it’s your natural space. 

The fact if you like to take time for yourself doesn’t mean that you are depressed or upset or that you have problems meeting or interacting with others.


Final Thought

The only thing is that you enjoy your self-time and self-love until your heart wants to talk to other friends and family.

It is crucial what you want to decide for yourself how you want to live your life.  Most importantly, you really believe in this form of your lifestyle and decision-making.

It doesn’t matter what others think or believe.

You have to go through the vast sea of life in your own way. In the end, you will be the one to get benefits, no one else. You will make mistakes, and you will also get success. You will move forward keeping in mind the advice of those around you, but after all, the fortune of your boat will be in your own hands, sail it through thunderstorms or cyclones, you are the accountable one.

Only you know what is good for you and what is necessary for your happiness, no one else.

Making your decisions and making your way without cleaning someone shows that you are a person full of self-esteem and you have great confidence. It shows that you are a recovering person, and you have faith in yourself.

None of this is easy. You should understand that self-love also means constant development. Sometimes it is weak, sick, or falling apart.

Often you can forget it because it requires new knowledge, new friendships, attitudes, and experiences. 

Understand that your self-love is of no value. It is precious no one can buy it for you.

Don’t offer it to anyone; It is very much yours. Give to others what you give yourself: respect, love, wisdom, coexistence, and harmony.

Self-love is essential to be able to love yourself and others in this life.

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