Why the brain sees maths as beauty – Η «ομορφιά» των μαθηματικών εξισώσεων διεγείρει τον εγκέφαλο


Brain scans show a complex string of numbers and letters in mathematical formulae can evoke the same sense of beauty as artistic masterpieces and music from the greatest composers. Continue reading


Brain updates memory with current experience – Η μνήμη μας δεν είναι… βιντεοκάμερα


A new study suggests the process of memory rewrites what is stored  to bring it in line with new experiences. Writing in The Journal of Neuroscience, researchers  describe how they pinpointed the hippocampus as the place where this editing  occurs. Continue reading

Have scientists found the conscience? Region of brain discovered that makes you feel bad about poor choices


A part of the brain that helps stop humans from making bad decisions and acts as our conscience has been discovered by scientists.

The small ball of neural tissue, named the lateral frontal pole, is vital for pondering the ‘what ifs’ of life, researchers said.

Other parts of the brain keep tabs on how well decisions are working, but this new region thinks over what we might have done instead. Continue reading