Bioengineers fashion self-regenerating artificial muscle


The future of the human body is partially bound up with the development of biomedical engineering research, which may enable somatic augmentations that can enhance our physical potential.

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Stronger adolescents and teens have less risk of diabetes and heart disease



Adolescents with stronger muscles have a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes, according to a new study that examined the influence of muscle strength in sixth grade boys and girls.

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10 Foods You’d Never Expect to Be Chock-Full of Protein

high protein green meal
By Brianna Steinhilber (Healthy Living)
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Science Confirms the Absolute Best Diet for Health

diet for best health

Common sense rules.

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6 Foods to Shrink Your Belly


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Eurobarometer on sport reveals high levels of inactivity in the EU


According to the results of the latest Eurobarometer survey on sport and physical activity, 59% of European Union citizens never or seldom exercise or play sport, while 41% do so at least once a week.

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