7 April – World Health Day 2016

world health day 2016

The WHO has called for global action to halt the rise in, and improve care for, people suffering with diabetes on World Health Day 2016.

A global report on diabetes shows that 422 million adults now live with diabetes, mainly in developing countries, with the number of people living with diabetes having quadrupled since 1980. Factors driving this dramatic rise include obesity, the WHO announced ahead of the day. Continue reading


Souvlaki Nutrition Information


Souvlaki, a popular Mediterranean dish served as a fast food from street stands in Greece, is traditionally made of pork or lamb that has been marinated, skewered and grilled.

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10 Foods You’d Never Expect to Be Chock-Full of Protein

high protein green meal
By Brianna Steinhilber (Healthy Living)
Doubt the bagel you had for breakfast counts as a high-protein meal? Don’t. Continue reading

Science Confirms the Absolute Best Diet for Health

diet for best health

Common sense rules.

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6 Foods to Shrink Your Belly


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6 Unhealthy Habits that Are as Bad as Smoking


Don’t smoke? Doesn’t matter. You could still be doing damage to your long-term health.

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Saturated fat alone doesn’t predict heart disease risk


There’s no clear evidence supporting decades-old dietary guidelines to cut our saturated fat intake to promote heart health, a new review concludes. Continue reading