Lab-grown vaginas and nostrils work, doctors report


Britain Growing Body Parts

Scientists who grow body parts in labs have reached two new milestones, creating normally functioning vaginas for four young women and new nostrils for five skin-cancer patients.

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Simple blood test could detect cancers – Αιματολογική εξέταση εντοπίζει τους στερεούς καρκινικούς όγκους



A new, highly sensitive blood test may help detect cancer tumors, Medical News Today reported.

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Paralysed men move again with spinal stimulation

paralysed men

Four paralysed men have been able to move their legs for the first time in years after electrical stimulation of their spinal cords, US doctors report.

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One in three intensive care survivors develop depression


 intensive care survivors develop depression

A third of intensive care patients develop depression that typically manifests as physical, or somatic, symptoms such as weakness, appetite change, and fatigue, rather than psychological symptoms, according to one of the largest studies to investigate the mental health and functional outcomes of survivors of critical care, published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine.

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World Health Day – 7 April 2014

The topic for 2014 is vector-borne diseases

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Insomnia increases stroke risk

 Insomnia increases stroke risk

Over a four-year period, insomniacs between the ages of 18 and 35 were eight times more likely to suffer a stroke.

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eHealthForum 2014: 12 – 14 May, Athens, Greece

ehealth forum 2014

The most significant European forum for eHealth

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