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Bullied kid, writes song about his own experience

Leondre and Charlie (Bars & Melody)’s very inspiring song from a real life experience. This performance was so Amazing Simon Cowell hits the golden buzzer! These 2 spectacular kids inspire all the people that get bullied and to never to give up. Continue reading


World Autism Awareness Day 2014: Top 10 Quotes Which Will Melt Your Heart


World Autism Awareness Day is celebrated on 2 April every year, in order to help share more knowledge on the neurodevelopment disorder, which has affected the lives of many people around the world.

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Παγκόσμια Ημέρα για τον Αυτισμό η σημερινή – 535.000 άνθρωποι πάσχουν από τη συγκεκριμένη διαταραχή


Ο αυτισμός είναι μια πολύπλοκη νεύρο-ψυχιατρική διαταραχή, που εμποδίζει την ομαλή ανάπτυξη του ανθρώπου και απομονώνει τον πάσχοντα από τον υπόλοιπο κόσμο. 

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Stronger adolescents and teens have less risk of diabetes and heart disease



Adolescents with stronger muscles have a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes, according to a new study that examined the influence of muscle strength in sixth grade boys and girls.

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Smartphone overuse may damage eyes – Bλαβερή για τα μάτια η υπέρμετρη χρήση των smartphone


Opticians say people are so addicted to smartphones they may be increasing their risk of eye damage.

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Faulty delayed puberty gene found


UK scientists say they have discovered a gene error that delays puberty.

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Why Is Yawning So Contagious? – Γιατί το χασμουρητό είναι τόσο μεταδοτικό;


Does looking at this image of a person yawning make you yawn? About half of adults yawn after someone else yawns due to a universal phenomenon called “contagious yawning.” Continue reading