Pet cats infect humans with TB for first time – Μετάδοση φυματίωσης από γάτα σε άνθρωπο

Pet cats infect humans with TB

In the first ever recorded cat-to-human transmission, two people in England have contracted tuberculosis from pet cats thought to have ventured into badger setts. 

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Synthetic yeast chromosome is fully functional – Δημιουργήθηκε το πρώτο, πλήρως συνθετικό χρωμόσωμα


The first complete and functional synthetic yeast chromosome has been created by a team of scientists based in the US.

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WHO: air pollution linked to seven million deaths in 2012


Roughly seven million people have died from air pollution, a report by the World Health Organization says. The analysis linked dirty air not only to lung disease, but also to heart disease and cancer of the bladder.

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Human nose can detect 1 trillion odours

Human nose can detect 1 trillion odours

The human nose can distinguish at least 1 trillion different odours, a resolution orders of magnitude beyond the previous estimate of just 10,000 scents, researchers report today in Science. Continue reading

Strange medical conditions – Men with two faces

Two-faced man Edward Mordake

two faced man Edward Mordake 1 Man With 2 Faces   Edward Mordake Pictures Seen on

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Δωρεάν εξετάσεις στη «Γιορτή Καρδιάς»

giorti kardias

Τη «Γιορτή της Καρδιάς» φιλοξενεί από τις 9 π.μ. η πλατεία Αριστοτέλους. Continue reading

World’s oldest person offers tips for a long life – Η γηραιότερη γυναίκα στον κόσμο γιορτάζει τα 116α γενέθλιά της


Seeking advice on how to live a long time? You could do worse than Misao Okawa. The Japanese woman will celebrate her 116th birthday on Wednesday. She is believed to be the world’s oldest person. Continue reading