OCD Symptoms More Widespread Than You Think: 94% οf People Have Intrusive Thoughts

 Intrusive Thoughts

Though the intrusive, unwanted thoughts of obsessive-compulsive disorder have to be extremely intense for someone to be diagnosed with OCD, a new study shows that 94 percent of people experience such symptoms in their daily lives. That is, being somewhat OCD is remarkably common.

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Stress can double infertility risk, delay pregnancy


Stress can double infertility

The more stress women are under while trying to get pregnant the harder it is to get pregnant.

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Διαστάσεις επιδημίας παίρνει το πρόβλημα του αυτοτραυματισμού των νέων

cutting yourself

Διαστάσεις «επιδημίας» τείνει να πάρει το φαινόμενο του σκόπιμου αυτοτραυματισμού των νέων, που  ενίοτε μπορεί να είναι και μοιραίος! Continue reading

Two new genes linked to bipolar disorder discovered – Ανακαλύφθηκαν νέα γονίδια που αυξάνουν τον κίνδυνο για διπολική διαταραχή


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Give up the cigarettes to cut stress and depression – Το κόψιμο του τσιγάρου βελτιώνει την ψυχική υγεία

quit smokinG

  • New research reveals that effect of quitting cuts more stress than smoking
  • Team from different universities analysed 26 studies for their research
  • Smoking cessation improves positive mood compared with continuing

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